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How to Get Your Dog Settled Into His New Home.

Preparing your New Home -:

As you move your possessions into the new house, be aware of items that can cause harm to your dog.  Stoop down and look around the house at your dog’s eye level.  Look for anything that is within reach of your dog and can cause harm. 
Make sure your new home is safe for your dog before you allow him to explore his new environment.   Check for hazards such as: • Poison – cleansers, insect repellent, pesticides, medications, certain plants, and antifreeze. • Burning – plugged-in appliances (irons, heaters etc), boiling liquids, open flames • Electricity – worn appliance flexes  • Choking hazard – small items such as sewing thread, needles, bones. • Falling objects – look for precariously placed appliances and furniture. • Escape routes and inadequate fences.
Choose a Vet, ask pet owning neighbours for recommendations this is also a great way to break the ice.
 This next point I consider to be the most important- take a practice drive to the nearest emergency veterinary clinic.  Trying to find a clinic when you really need it and are stressed
out can waste precious time.
  Settling into the New Home-:
 When you arrive at your destination, open the carrier as soon as you are in a safe place and examine your pet.  Spend some time playing with your dog and reassure him that everything is okay and this is now his new home.  Provide a treat or a new toy so that your dog will associate the new place with fun.  If anything seems wrong, take your pet to a vet immediately. Set up your dog’s belongings so that he will immediately recognize the familiar items.  With familiar furniture including his bed, crate, toys and food and water bowls, your dog should be able to settle quickly into his new home.  Allow your dog to explore his new home and familiarise himself with the new sights and smells.  Make sure that all doors, windows, and fences are secured so your dog will not accidentally wander away. Remove the old ID tag from your dog’s collar and make sure the new ID is secured on his collar. 
 Try to maintain your pet’s normal routine as you unpack.  Try not to disturb the location you have chosen for your dog.  Having a secure place to go to is important for your dog in an unfamiliar place. 
  Taking your dog out for a walk around the new neighbourhood will also acquaint him to his new surroundings.  Have patience and allow him to explore everything around his new home.  You may want to introduce your dog to your new neighbours.  Your neighbours familiarity with your pet may help in the recovery of your dog if he ever gets lost. 
 Make sure to keep your dog on a leash when meeting new people.    

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